STEALTHBits Taps into Splunk Operational Intelligence

20 Jul, 2017

STEALTHbits says three applications combine data collected by STEALTHbits and Splunk to make it simpler to hunt for specific threats in addition to monitoring specific files or a Microsoft Active Directory deployment.

CyberX Rises to Industrial Control System Security Challenge

20 Jul, 2017

The challenge with the IoT in general and industrial control systems specifically is that there is no shortage of platforms that need to be defended.

Mistakes Lead to Exposed Data

20 Jul, 2017

What are some of the little things you are doing that might be putting you at risk, the things that you never would have thought twice about before? You might be surprised at the ways we make our networks and data vulnerable.

One in Four Employees Hide Security Incidents

17 Jul, 2017

IT departments and upper management need to create an environment where employees feel comfortable about admitting they made an error that creates a potential security incident.

HPE Exposes REST API Across Data Protection Suite

17 Jul, 2017

The Adaptive Backup and Recovery Suite consists of HPE Data Protector backup and recovery software, HPE Data Navigator monitoring tools, HPE Storage Optimizer software, and HPE VM Explorer software.

IBM z14 Simplifies Encryption Usage on Mainframes

17 Jul, 2017

While IBM has always touted the encryption capabilities of the mainframe, this latest version enables IT organizations to apply encryption at the data set level.

Difference Between SMB and Enterprise Security Goes Beyond Budgets

13 Jul, 2017

SMBs tend to focus more on protecting endpoints, while the enterprise puts an emphasis on protecting data.

Distil Networks Moves to Secure APIs

13 Jul, 2017

Distil's Bot Defense for API provides access to a SDK to verify that the end user of an app is a person, in addition to providing tools for verifying identities and blocking access to apps.

Nuclear Plants the Latest Security Target

11 Jul, 2017

Nuclear plants are in the news right now, but expect this type of news to spread through to other areas of the critical infrastructure.

Microsoft to Unify Apps and Operating Systems with Microsoft 365

10 Jul, 2017

Microsoft 365 represents a “fundamental departure” in terms of how Microsoft will bring its products and services to market.

OECD Sees Mobile, Wired Broadband Subscription Growth

07 Jul, 2017

Subscription rates of wired and mobile broadband have increased for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which is comprised of 35 countries.

Microsoft Pivots Windows 10 Toward Security: Revisiting a Near Catastrophic Mistake

07 Jul, 2017

Treating security as an afterthought is a bad idea. It has taken Microsoft decades to undo this bad decision, and now we are finally seeing the benefits of that reversal, in what is becoming a very secure platform with Windows 10.

Privacy Concerns Deepen as AI and Machine Learning Grow More Powerful

06 Jul, 2017

Even legitimate uses of data as fodder for AI and machine learning is too intrusive for many people. As time passes, ever stricter policies and safeguards are necessary. In the relatively near future, however, even these may not be enough.

Threat Intelligence Too Often Fails to Deliver

06 Jul, 2017

Managing threat intelligence capabilities requires three important elements: the production, content and use of threat intelligence.

Companies Do More to Prepare for Data Breaches, Employees Still Engage in Risky Behavior

05 Jul, 2017

One study showed that organizations recognize the cybersecurity problem and are taking action. Unfortunately, organizations overestimate how security-savvy their employees are.

The Looming Crisis of Global Cyberattacks

29 Jun, 2017

Cyberattacks are often global events and it doesn’t matter where you are from, we all tend to have poor cybersecurity practices.

Demisto Applies Machine Learning Algorithms to IT Security Operations

29 Jun, 2017

Demisto Insights provides access to machine learning algorithms that can now suggest the best method available for resolving a security issue.

GoldenEye Ransomware Worse than WannaCry

28 Jun, 2017

A major ransomware attack is occurring that is playing havoc with computers and networks around the world.

Egnyte Applies Algorithms to Advance Document Governance

28 Jun, 2017

Egnyte Protect is a cloud-based service that applies both machine and deep learning algorithms in real time to classify content residing in multiple public and private repositories.

Barracuda Networks Employs AI to Combat Spearphishing

28 Jun, 2017

Barracuda Sentinel is a cloud service based on an artificial intelligence (AI) engine that can identify and intercept various forms of spearphishing attacks before they reach an end user.

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