Phase: Discover Intranet Requirements
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  The Intranet Client Wish List

Define Your Goals Building the Client Wish List involves the following tasks:
  • Complete Client Profile Questionnaire
  • Analyze Industry Information
  • Perform an Enterprise-wide Analysis
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Use the Intranet Development Questionnaire to assess the goals and readiness of the business to support an intranet initiative.


What am I doing in this step? During the Complete Client Profile Questionnaire step, you will identify the clients' (these can be external or internal clients) principals and collect baseline requirements data. Then you will Analyze Industry Information by gathering information from the principals and other resources. As you Perform an Enterprise-Wide Analysis, you will gain an understanding of past organizational issues and project future Internet-related needs in order to ensure integration with other efforts.

Why? The first task in the web building process is to get a feel for the immediate needs of the organization. During this task, you will identify an important value stream for the organization and determine how you can improve the process to make the organization more effective. Working through the fact-finding steps in this task will help you to develop an effective prototype and get the project off on the right foot. This task also helps the project manager gain an understanding of what the principals' expectations are going to be with respect to this project. Internal client issues will be uncovered early to allow you time to deal with them effectively. Documentation of this information-gathering process will be used later for further discussions and to validate decisions made during the project.

What are the risks of not properly performing this step? Critical client goal or background information may be missing. The Client Profile Questionnaire allows individual principals to give thoughtful and complete input to client goals without the political and timing pressures of a group situation. It draws out information that may have been missed in the initial goal discussion.

You may end up with an ineffective prototype. Since gaining universal support early and showing immediate results are the key to building your intranet, this could be a mistake that dooms your project to failure.

Your efforts may conflict with other past, present or future efforts. Has someone developed a site at the departmental level? What other plans are in the works? The Enterprise-wide Analysis helps you ask the right questions and coordinate your efforts with others.



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