Phase: Choose Technologies that Meet Your Needs
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  Should You Choose NAS?

Choose an enterprise NAS if you have balanced needs across consolidation, file storage and performance.

Deciding factors in purchasing NAS are balanced, with only a 9 percent difference between highest- and lowest-rated critical factor, with performance ranking lowest. This indicates that users of NAS have a broad scope.

Strengths of NAS:

  • Meets the needs of enterprises with large and growing amounts of unstructured data. Typically also have iSCSI and even FC ports so can be used as a unified storage platform.
  • Similar to the innovators, Enterprise NAS typically have used disk virtualization to enable advanced management features such as thin provisioning, non-disruptive data migration, data deduplication, rapid agile data snapshots and replication. Features are typically built into a management stack that is available out-of-the-box at no extra charge.

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