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  Provisioning Virtualization: A Typical Scenario

Consolidated storage is an enabler of server consolidation and should ideally precede server consolidation and virtualization. This is often not how it happens in practice. Typically, early-stage server virtualization and storage consolidation are triggered not by a consolidation strategy, but as part of a server refresh.

Here is a typical scenario:
1. A company starts with the desire to replace 12 to 20 end-of-life servers. Infrastructure
2. In discussions with a server vendor, the options for virtualization are explored. Specifically, the enterprise considers purchasing two or three powerful virtualization host servers to host applications on virtual machines instead of 12 to 20 individual physical boxes.
3. In exploring virtualization solutions, such as VMware or Citrix XenServer, the company comes to realize that a SAN is required to provide high availability, rapid deployment and dynamic provisioning for virtual servers. Infrastructure
4. The SAN can also be used to provide a consolidated backup environment for both virtual and non-virtual servers to improve overall availability and recoverability.

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