Phase: Understand Network Storage Needs
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  Network Storage Strategy

  • Network storage strategy is about selecting appropriate storage to meet strategic goals at lowest cost.
  • Too often, selecting networked storage is seen as a feeds-and-speeds contest (a day at the races) – line up the various solutions and then pick the one that is the fastest.
  • But raw performance (measured in input/output per second or IOPs) is only one measure of a storage solution, and performance comes at a price.


  • The type, configuration, capacity and cost of consolidated network storage needs to be appropriate to the business value of the data being stored and/or the business processes being enabled.
  • A sound strategy starts with a clear understanding of the strategic goals of storage consolidation.
  • Performance needs to be appropriate or “good enough” to enable strategic goals.
  • Then, look at how various types of storage can best serve those key strategic goals.
Use the Storage Appropriateness Assessment Tool to evaluate how current technologies fit into your network storage strategy.

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