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  Network Storage Options

Use this key to understand the difference between various storage options for the primary storage layer.

Type Characteristics Vendors
Traditional Mid-range Array
  • An array of disks behind a single or dual storage controller.
  • Originally Fibre Channel connected though some now also feature iSCSI ports.
  • Advanced disk management feature for RAID groups and logical unit (LUN) creation.
  • Advanced storage management features, such as replication, are provided through additional management software.
  • EMC Clariion and AX
  • HP EVA
  • IBM D-Series
  • Dell (resells EMC Clariion
Mid-range Storage from Tier Two Innovator

Typically targeted at the same needs range as traditional mid-range storage with various differentiating innovation. These might include:

  • Storage virtualization to abstract the management of storage volumes from disk management.
  • Built-in hierarchical storage management to move data among storage tiers.
  • Virtualization enables features such as flexible volume sizing, thin provisioning, data deduplication, snap-shotting and replication.
  • Could also feature a clustered architecture or scalable grid that departs from classic design (e.g., 3Par).
  • Compellent
  • Xiotech
  • 3Par
  • NetApp
Enterprise Network Attached Storage
  • Enterprise Network Attached Storage (NAS) is primarily for file storage (unstructured data).
  • However, it often can be configured to also have ports and capacity allocation for block level iSCSI and Fibre Channel storage.
  • It is called Enterprise NAS because in terms of capacity and internal management features, it is comparable to (and sometimes based upon) a mid-range storage array.
  • NetApp FAS
  • IBM N-Series
  • EMC Celerra
  • Pilar Data Systems
  • Isilon
Clustered iSCSI Solutions
  • Clustered iSCSI solutions are storage servers or nodes that are clustered into scalable storage grid for iSCSI storage.
  • Built-in storage management features are similar to what is provided by the mid-range innovators (virtualization, snapshots, thin provisioning, etc.).
  • HP/Lefthand
  • Dell EqualLogic

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