Phase: Understand Network Storage Needs
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  Network Storage Consolidation: Costs & Benefits

  • Consolidated network storage makes more efficient use of storage resources through the elimination of waste and effort duplication across distributed islands or silos of direct attached storage.
  • Consolidated storage is also a strategic enabler that forms the foundation for server consolidation and a unified approach to data and system availability and recovery.
  • However, unlike server consolidation, where consolidation of workloads on fewer servers leads to capital savings, storage consolidation can lead to more capital costs for the array and network gear. Costs per terabyte of storage also tend to increase, rather than decrease, with scale.
  • To ensure that the consolidated storage is appropriate to core needs and that the investment will ultimately boost storage value, you must be precise and deliberate about determining the type of network storage that meets your needs and comparing the Total Cost of Operation (TCO) for your storage options.

The Network Storage Consolidation Process

Use the Storage Acquisition TCO Comparison Tool to understand the true costs of your network storage options.

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