Phase: Discover Intranet Requirements
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  Identifying the Intranet Project Team

Define Your Goals Identifying the project team involves the following tasks:
  • Identify Creative Team
  • Identify Technical Team
  • Identify the Content Management Team

In order to properly Identify the Creative, Technical and Content Management Teams, you will need to review the client requirements and convert them to skill requirements.

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Use the Intranet Roles Skills Matrix to evaluate your team members' skills across the creative, technical and content disciplines.

What am I doing in this step? Finding the right person to fill each role is many times a difficult task. You must, however, begin with the end in mind by knowing which specific skills are needed for each role before making team assignments.

What are the risks of not properly performing this step? The wrong person may be selected for a role. Web site development teams are typically small groups of talented people. Each person typically has specialties within their area of expertise. If a Microsoft NT administrator is tasked with setting up a UNIX environment, the project may be seriously impacted. A graphics designer may be skilled at selecting production graphics, but may not understand the art of site concept, layout or size reduction.

  • You may assign someone whose time is already over allocated. If your team members are not dedicated to this project, you need to understand the amount of time they can spare and manage the project accordingly.
  • The wrong mix of people may be assigned to the project. Getting feedback from each potential team member on including the others may help to avoid future conflicts.

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