Phase: Discover Intranet Requirements
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  Identifying Intranet Client Requirements

Define Your Goals Identifying Client Requirements involves the following tasks:
  • Demonstrate the Prototype
  • Discuss Goals with Principals

At this point, the DESIGN stage has begun and a prototype has been created. During this task, you will demonstrate the prototype and solicit as much feedback as possible. Following the demonstrations, you will discuss the goals of the site as a whole using the information gained up to this point in the project. Once goals are determined, they must be mapped to general functions on the site.

What am I doing in this step? You are demonstrating a prototype in order to gain more input from different perspectives and broad support from across the organization. You are discussing goals with principals in order to ensure that all of the information gathered thus far is used to create a mission for the intranet that is in line with the goals of the organization. You then map these goals to specific Web site functions in order to get a general feel for how the information will be delivered.

What are the risks of not properly performing this step?

  • Users and management not involved in the project may feel alienated by the new system, leading to lack of support.
  • Goals may be set inappropriately due to information overload.
  • Information may be delivered in an awkward fashion.

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