Phase: Understand Network Storage Needs
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  Enabling High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Consolidated networked storage, and its often built-in management tools, can be used as a way to solve problems associated with the difficulty of backing up and recovering fragmented silo storage.

The Problem

  • In a distributed direct attached storage environment, tactics for system availability and data recovery are fragmented across the storage silos.
  • To ensure a certain service level across 100 stand-alone servers, for example, requires 100 schemes for disk redundancy, data replication and backup.

The Solution

  • Consolidated storage disk redundancy, data replication and backup for the one array, or cluster of arrays, benefits all servers that are attached via the network.
  • Using volume snapshots, for example, server storage can be backed up off line with minimum service interruption to the server.
  • LAN bandwidth usage is also minimized as backups no longer traverse the LAN from each host server.
  • Replicating the entire array from one site to another can form the basis of site-to-site failover for disaster recovery as well as off-site backup capability.
  • Caution: Consolidation also means that the storage array becomes a single point of failure for all attached servers. To ensure safety of all eggs in one basket, the array has to have significant built-in redundancy, which adds to the cost of the solution.

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