Phase: Implement the Intranet
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  Construct Intranet Programs

Define Your Goals Constructing Intranet Programs involves the following tasks:
  • Devise Unit and Integration Tests
  • Produce Modules
  • Unit Test Modules
  • Assemble Integration Groups
  • Test Integration Groups

In this activity, you build and test the application, piece by piece and group by group, to produce modules and prove that each module or group of modules operates as expected. The objective is to deliver a system whose components are defect-free. The system will then be tested as a whole in systems, acceptance and beta tests.

Do not wait until all your modules are developed before you test. You will learn quickly from mistakes and speed the construction by developing one module, testing it and cloning reusable components.

You can speed development if you can get motivated users to assist in unit and integration testing. The developer and tester work side by side, with the developer correcting errors in the source on one computer that the user finds in the application running on another computer.

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