Phase: Implement the Intranet
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  Construct Intranet Databases

Define Your Goals Constructing Intranet Databases involves the following tasks:
  • Adjust Database Design
  • Write Structural DDL
  • Write Triggers and Stored Procedures
  • Generate Databases
  • Test Databases

In this activity, you create the new databases while promoting object reuse, making legitimate access easy, ensuring the accuracy of the data stored in the database, and verifying the correctness of the database structure, security and integrity.

Databases store data independently of the programs that use the data and serve yet unknown management requirements, so they are not restricted to the immediate needs of the new system.

Sharing and reuse is fundamental to a database. The previous activity may have identified existing database components that can be incorporated into the database structure. One of the objectives of this activity is to take advantage of reuse, adjusting the database design if necessary.

The fundamental objective of this activity is to develop the physical database, that is, the structure of the containers that will hold the data. Application programs access the contents of the database through the database server (SQL server), which queries the database structure to find the data, thus making the application independent of the physical storage of the data.

The data definition language (DDL) specifies the database structure and privileges. Depending on the database server, the DDL may also specify integrity constraints, otherwise the constraints are specified in the data manipulation language (DML). Both the DDL and DML are part of the structured query language (SQL).

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