Phase: Discover Intranet Requirements
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  Build the Intranet Prototype

Define Your Goals Building the Prototype involves the following tasks:
  • Gather Pilot Content
  • Identify Package Solutions
  • Select and Create Graphics
  • Build Prototype Infrastructure
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Use the Intranet Content Analysis Matrix to categorize and catalog the information your company wants to put on its intranet.

What am I doing in this step? As quickly as possible, you are building at least one of the candidate prototypes identified in the Enterprise-wide Analysis.

Why am I doing it? The Private Web prototype tends to be very high impact for three basic reasons:

  1. It solves a specific business problem or improves a value stream process.
  2. It is produced in a time period that would not be possible using client/server tools.
  3. It demonstrates the high return on investment that Internet technologies can provide.

The information gathering performed at the beginning of the Private Web Development Process helped to ensure that you are building the correct prototype application. The key during this part of the process is speed. While ensuring that the prototype you build is reliable and stable, keep a fast development cycle in mind as a primary objective. Given the competitive market for Internet technologies, investments in software components should be minimal.

What are the risks of not properly performing this step?

  • The prototype may be brought on line too slowly and therefore have less impact.
  • Too much of the prototype will be unnecessarily coded by hand, which will slow delivery.
  • Too much emphasis will be placed on graphical appeal, which could slow delivery. Later in the Design stage, the visual architecture will be designed and implemented. Excessive attention to graphics at this point is a mistake.

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