IT Career Development Plan

If you want to maximize your career success in IT, you need to have a plan. That plan needs to take into consideration your individual talents and desires, as well as your long-term goals, and it must provide a map showing how you can get from where you are to where you want to be. This Project Guide, designed in cooperation with MDE Enterprises, Inc., provides guidance and tools to help you design and execute your personalized IT Career Development Plan.

Most IT professionals know the importance of planning if you want a project to succeed. However, many do not take the same disciplined approach to planning their careers that they apply to initiatives at work, though career success is more important to them than achieving any individual IT project. The reason is because they do not have a planning framework for their career like the ones they have for hardware upgrades, development projects and operating system migrations.

This Project Guide will provide a framework for developing your own IT Career Development Plan. It will also give you a set of downloadable tools and templates you can use to develop and implement that plan.

Four Phases of Planning Your IT Career

Like most well-conceived projects, formulating an IT Career Development Plan begins with a discovery phase, which is followed by a planning phase. Only then are you ready for the implementation of your IT Career Development Plan. While the next step in most IT projects is a passive maintenance phase, an IT Career Development Plan at this point moves into a phase of aggressive activity designed to continually build a foundation of personal credibility on which you can build your IT career.

Here is how we will refer to the four phases of creating and executing your IT Career Development Plan.

  1. Time for Self Reflection
  2. Develop Your Career Plan
  3. Implement Your Plan
  4. Establish Your Credibility

The process of developing your IT Career Development Plan may seem simple, and even obvious, as you read through it. However, if you follow these steps in an honest and thoughtful manner, you may be surprised by some of the things you learn about yourself and your career. This awareness will help you establish long-term goals that will motivate you as you deal with daily tasks. Success with those daily challenges will lead to achievement of your long-term goals.

Tools for Implementing Your IT Career Development Plan

Each Phase of this Project Guide has an accompanying tool that you can download in the IT Downloads section of IT Business Edge. You can download the tools using the links below, or download them in the individual Phases of this Project Guide.

Begin reading this Project Guide with Phase 1: Time for Self Reflection.

This Project Guide and the IT Downloads that support it are based on content provided by our partners at MDE Enterprises, Inc.

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