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How to build infrastructure, implement solutions, define policies and develop your IT staff.

Network Storage Consolidation

Network storage consolidation can help eliminate waste and effort duplication across your organization, but it can require capital costs up front that may make your CFO balk unless you do a good job of selling the long-term benefits. This Project Guide will help you figure out what network storage options make sense for your organization and then make the case for network storage consolidation.

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Additional Project Guides

Intranet Development IT Career Development Plan

If you want to maximize your career success in IT, you need to have a plan. That plan needs to take into consideration your individual talents and desires, as well as your long-term goals, and it must provide a map showing how you can get from where you are to where you want to be. This Project Guide, designed in cooperation with MDE Enterprises, Inc., provides guidance and tools to help you design and execute your personalized IT Career Development Plan. ...  More >>

Intranet Development Intranet Development

Developing an intranet for your organization is much more than just a technical project. Creating an internal portal is an exercise in the type of collaboration it is supposed to facilitate. This Project Guide will show you how to plan and launch an intranet that will get the job done. ...  More >>

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