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The Current Analysis Difference:

Current Analysis combines many data sources of market, company, and product information into one comprehensive database, filters through the noise with category-specific industry analysts, and makes sense of the information for you—so that you don't have to spend hours doing research and analysis. Instead, you can quickly adjust your strategy based on reliable data that has been gathered and analyzed for you.

For IT Equipment Vendors & Service Providers:

Current Analysis delivers timely, in-depth intelligence, analysis and advice that enable sales teams, marketing professionals, product managers, and executives to continuously improve business performance and anticipate and counter competitive threats. Our industry analysts examine market events and company products to produce valuable insight on:

• What’s happening in the market and why
• What's working, what's not working
• What competitors are saying to customers
• How to respond to market conditions to maximize success

For IT Buyers, Researchers, Financial Analysts, and other individuals:

We enable companies to make better business decisions based on an objective understanding of the markets and competing companies in a particular sector. Unlike traditional research firms who tend towards future trends or high-level information, Current Analysis focuses on what is happening in the market today, specific tactics that IT vendors are using, and in-depth analysis of products and their capabilities. Our industry analysts examine market events and company products to produce valuable insight on:

• What's happening in the market
• How competitors stack up
• Which vendors are best positioned
• Which vendors are most vulnerable

Current Analysis reports can be used to:
» Make more informed investment decisions or recommendations
» Assist equipment and service buyers in selecting the right company for their needs
» Gain insight into market dynamics and the companies that compete within them.


Brad Shimmin
Principal Analyst
Application Infrastructure
Brad monitors the evolution of platforms such as application servers and integration technologies, which form the vital software infrastructure for corporate computing.
James Kobielus
Principal Analyst
Data Management
Jim covers the tools necessary to manage the entire life of business data from creation through integration, cleansing, consolidation, processing, usage, and governance.
Charlotte Dunlap
Senior Analyst
Enterprise Security
Charlotte covers the threat protection (IDS/antivirus/anti-spyware/anti-spam, and secure messaging) market segments.
Andrew Braunberg
Senior Analyst
Enterprise Security
Andrew focuses on enterprise antivirus, integrated client security, intrusion prevention appliances, network intrusion detection systems, and security management and services.
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