TCO Cost Savings Comparison

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This spreadsheet-based tool is populated with market-based assumptions and will help you determine the real expense of IT infrastructure over the long haul.

This TCO Cost Savings Comparison spreadsheet is built to be simple and flexible. Since every business case is unique, it is meant to be a solid basis for any analysis, not a complete solution for every possible scenario. The spreadsheet is pre-populated with an example, so be sure to zero out the example before starting.

The attached Zip file includes:

  • Intro Page.doc
  • Cover Sheet and Terms.pdf
  • TCO Cost Savings Comparison.xls
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Partner logo was founded in 1999 by a small team of professionals who were frustrated by the lack of ‘real world’ business case and decision making tools. They searched extensively for inexpensive and robust products, but found none that were simple and cost-effective. This drove the development of a variety of unique and easy-to-use tools that deliver clarity and understanding for day-to-day business decision making and creation of solid business cases. is a simple, inexpensive and articulate approach to analyzing long-term strategy and everyday decision making. Customers can easily create the most powerful tool available to make business decisions: a business case.

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