Project Development Process Template

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This template, created and used by NarrowCast Group, LLC, is designed to layout the process for development of all IT projects within an organization, including those for initial application development, enhancements and maintenance.

The purpose of this document is to layout the process for development of all IT projects within NarrowCast Group, LLC. Projects include initial application development, enhancements and maintenance. These procedures can be modified over time as the company and its projects change. In the event that outside development teams (on shore and offshore contractors) are used for a particular project, these procedures will be presented to these teams for buy-in prior to the project kickoff.

Traditionally the waterfall approach has been used in the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), but over the years has proven to be inefficient for projects outside of accounting and clerical automation. Many other processes have come about due to the inefficiencies of the waterfall approach. For NCG a modified Agile SDLC will be implemented. While allowing for collaboration between teams and overlapping of work being conducted, signoff and more in-depth documentation steps will be included.

The attached Zip file includes:

  • Intro Page.doc
  • Cover Sheet and Terms.pdf
  • Project Development Process.pdf
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