For Cutting Edge IT, You’ll Need the Cloud

24 Mar, 2017

While the enterprise struggles to deploy Flash technology and even basic server virtualization in the data center, the cloud is already pushing forward with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

IT Pros in Smaller Companies Happier, Less Stressed at Work, Survey Finds

23 Mar, 2017

According to the results of a recent survey, while IT pros in larger companies are more likely than their counterparts in smaller companies to feel they’re being paid fairly, IT pros in smaller companies are more likely than their counterparts in larger companies to be happy at work.

Where Is Cybersecurity Headed in 2019?

23 Mar, 2017

Even if we think we know what’s coming, we still aren’t really prepared for it. Our security systems are often built to focus on known attack methods, not for future cybersecurity threats.

Hybrid Clouds: The New Enterprise Normal

22 Mar, 2017

In all likelihood, the enterprise will employ multiple hybrid models in order to provide optimal application support. This will require a fair bit of coordination on the management stack.

Veritas Takes on GDPR Challenge

22 Mar, 2017

Veritas Technologies' 360 Data Management for GDPR offering combines several existing data management products with an assessment tool that helps organizations determine how much of their data is out of GDPR compliance.

The IBM Cloud: CEO Ginni Rometty’s InterConnect 2017 Keynote

21 Mar, 2017

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty began and ended with a focus on the customer, letting the customer help her conclude the talk so the words were an IBM translation of what the customer wants but native from the customer.

Adobe Extends Workflow Reach via the Cloud

21 Mar, 2017

Adobe expanded the Adobe Sensei machine learning framework it makes available via Adobe Cloud, along with several other additions.

Making the Most of Available Storage

20 Mar, 2017

Steadily increasing data loads will continue to put pressure on the enterprise to find more storage, but in many cases this can be done through greater flexibility of storage already under management rather than the provisioning of new resources.

IBM Extends Cloud Reach Across Range of Emerging Technologies

20 Mar, 2017

IBM unfurled a slew of cloud services intended to help enterprise IT organizations take advantage of a wide variety of emerging technologies, including a blockchain platform.

IBM Employs Watson to Manage Endpoints

20 Mar, 2017

IBM announced it plans to give the task of keeping track of all the updates and patches available to IBM Watson. IBM MaaS360 will be infused with machine learning algorithms.

Interconnect 2017: IBM and Securekey Move to Corner Financial Transaction Market

20 Mar, 2017

Innovative use of Blockchain could do some fascinating things to how we do transactions. Even things like paying taxes or voting could be dramatically changed, because at the heart of this is a validated identity.

IT Automation: Where, When and How?

17 Mar, 2017

As demand for faster, better and more personalized data experience mounts, the less time spent managing infrastructure and the more time spent optimizing performance, the better.

Should Watson Co-Run IBM?

17 Mar, 2017

Yes, Watson should co-run IBM. Not only would this put a Watson again at the head of the firm, it would create the first AI company to be co-run by an AI.

Artificial Intelligence Can Be Boring, Too

16 Mar, 2017

It is important for organizations to plan their use of artificial intelligence carefully. It is a commitment and not for everyone.

Exit Interview Key to Help Prevent Data Loss, CEO Says

15 Mar, 2017

Ron Faith, president and CEO of Datacastle, a data security and backup technology provider in Seattle, is such an ardent believer in exit interviews that he personally conducts every one of them at his own company.

Verizon’s Data Breach Digest Uses Case Studies as Security Response Teaching Tools

14 Mar, 2017

The Verizon Data Breach Digest highlights 16 case studies based on real-world data breach response activities and the lessons learned by the Verizon RISK Team.

NGINX Bolsters Load Balancing Software

14 Mar, 2017

NGINX updated NGINX Plus, the commercially supported version of open source load balancing software that is widely used inside and out of public cloud computing environments.

Intel and Mobileye: Jumpstarting Autonomous Cars

13 Mar, 2017

Technology companies move incredibly fast, so for one to catch another from behind organically is nearly impossible. Intel's acquisition of Mobileye has risk, but is promising.

CA Technologies Aims to Enhance App Security via Veracode Acquisition

13 Mar, 2017

The degree to which developers address security issues at the front end of the development process affects everything from how secure the application is to the amount of risk being assumed by the organization that deploys it.

On the Verge of the All-Cloud Enterprise

13 Mar, 2017

The enterprise that remains steeped in silo-based physical or even virtual infrastructure will soon find itself out-hustled in the new economy.

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