Mistakes Lead to Exposed Data

20 Jul, 2017

What are some of the little things you are doing that might be putting you at risk, the things that you never would have thought twice about before? You might be surprised at the ways we make our networks and data vulnerable.

Veritas Launches Data Management Suite

19 Jul, 2017

The Veritas 360 Data Management suite is intended to make it simpler for IT organizations to unify data management that over the years has become highly fragmented.

Oracle Looks to Manage Hybrid Clouds

19 Jul, 2017

Oracle unveiled a bevy of managed services offerings for on-premises IT environments that mirror existing Oracle cloud services.

AR Starting to Tap the Workplace Comfort Zone

19 Jul, 2017

If AR does become the next big thing in the enterprise, it wouldn’t be the first technology to take hold in the workplace and then filter into consumer markets.

Formula E: Showcasing Technology Competitively

19 Jul, 2017

Of the two technology vendors that support this race, Qualcomm and Panasonic, Qualcomm had a good showcase. Panasonic, on the other hand, was working against itself.

Time Warner/AT&T Merger: No Sure Thing During Age of Trump

18 Jul, 2017

The desire of the president to bring CNN to heel may override all traditional considerations in a merger.

TidalScale Unveils Control Plane for Software-Defined Data Center

18 Jul, 2017

TidalScale today unveiled a management framework that allows IT organizations to right-size data center resources to match the specific requirement of any given workload.

One in Four Employees Hide Security Incidents

17 Jul, 2017

IT departments and upper management need to create an environment where employees feel comfortable about admitting they made an error that creates a potential security incident.

Hardened PCs: How Dell Is Using Sun Tzu to Kick Panasonic out of the Market

14 Jul, 2017

If Panasonic doesn’t get its act together, it will be out of this lucrative hardened PC market in around a decade.

Multi-Cloud Software: Trading One Dependency for Another?

14 Jul, 2017

Having a multi-cloud strategy these days is like having a multi-server strategy in ages past: Why trust your workloads to a single point of failure when you can move them about at will?

Difference Between SMB and Enterprise Security Goes Beyond Budgets

13 Jul, 2017

SMBs tend to focus more on protecting endpoints, while the enterprise puts an emphasis on protecting data.

Microsoft Accelerates and Simplifies Cloud Approach

12 Jul, 2017

The move to the cloud is irreversible. Microsoft is doubling down and trying as best it can to simplify its offerings.

AMD and Intel Declare War on the Data Center: Why This Is a Good Thing

11 Jul, 2017

AMD’s and Intel’s battle is the big tip of an iceberg of coming conflicts as the IT industry continues to pivot toward line of business decision makers and efforts like AI, which will again redefine how companies do business.

Hybrid Cloud Riding on Microsoft’s Shoulders

10 Jul, 2017

Clearly, the stakes are high for Microsoft and virtually every other company that has a hand in the enterprise technology space. In all likelihood, the hybrid cloud will emerge one way or another.

Microsoft Pivots Windows 10 Toward Security: Revisiting a Near Catastrophic Mistake

07 Jul, 2017

Treating security as an afterthought is a bad idea. It has taken Microsoft decades to undo this bad decision, and now we are finally seeing the benefits of that reversal, in what is becoming a very secure platform with Windows 10.

Privacy Concerns Deepen as AI and Machine Learning Grow More Powerful

06 Jul, 2017

Even legitimate uses of data as fodder for AI and machine learning is too intrusive for many people. As time passes, ever stricter policies and safeguards are necessary. In the relatively near future, however, even these may not be enough.

Threat Intelligence Too Often Fails to Deliver

06 Jul, 2017

Managing threat intelligence capabilities requires three important elements: the production, content and use of threat intelligence.

Informatica Applies AI to GDPR Compliance

06 Jul, 2017

Informatica is making available an instance of its data governance platform that is optimized for complying with GDPR.

When the Cloud Meets Big Data

05 Jul, 2017

Do you host your Big Data environment in the cloud, or create a data lake on premises? Each approach has its pluses and minuses.

Companies Do More to Prepare for Data Breaches, Employees Still Engage in Risky Behavior

05 Jul, 2017

One study showed that organizations recognize the cybersecurity problem and are taking action. Unfortunately, organizations overestimate how security-savvy their employees are.

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