FCC Takes on Pole Attachments, Copper Retirement and More

26 Apr, 2017

The philosophical approach of the new administration is to reduce complexity and move decision making as much as possible into the business sector.

Arcserve Adds Email Archiving Tool to Portfolio

26 Apr, 2017

Arcserve announced it has expanded its data protection portfolio by acquiring FastArchiver. CEO Mike Crest says FastArchiver is unique because it provides an ability to easily search emails via a console after they’ve been archived.

Organizations Aren’t Limiting Access to Sensitive Data

26 Apr, 2017

If you want to keep your data from being compromised, you have to protect your data. That includes knowing where sensitive data is stored and knowing who has access to it.

Startup Aims to Help Adults with Autism Gain Employment as Coders

26 Apr, 2017

The difference in Coding Autism’s approach lies in how the students are accommodated and supported on the career preparation side.

Varonis Annual Survey: A Lot of Companies Are Taking Unknown Terminal Risks

25 Apr, 2017

With state-level threats hovering over almost every country, the level of exposure creates issues at a national level and the potential for a single connected trusted company to become the critical path for a nation-level attack.

Xerox Brings ECM to SMBs via Cloud Service

24 Apr, 2017

Xerox has unfurled a cloud-based ECM service aimed squarely at small-to-medium (SMB) organizations.

To Hybrid or Not to Hybrid? Is That the Right Cloud Question?

24 Apr, 2017

Pure-cloud advocates say hybrids are merely a marketing ploy by vendors looking to preserve their legacy platforms, while hybrid supporters say they are simply meeting the demands of the enterprise community.

3D Printing Edges into Production

24 Apr, 2017

Like most ambitious technologies, 3D has not arrived as a fully formed game-changer. It’s clearly evolving, however, and will have an ever greater impact as time passes.

How One Tech Exec Made the Transition to HR

24 Apr, 2017

Steven Pruden is Appirio’s SVP of human resources, after a long tech career and an acquisition. He talks about making the change and working successfully with his team.

TeleSign Opens Communications Platform Using REST APIs

20 Apr, 2017

By opening the platform for more developers, TeleSign Vice President Ryan Disraeli says TeleSign expects the availability of those open APIs to expand usage of its global services well beyond large organizations.

Check Point Aims to Unify IT Security Management

20 Apr, 2017

Because the Infinity Architecture integrates management functions, Check Point says it’s now possible to remediate vulnerabilities in a matter of minutes even when it involves a zero-day threat.

CISOs Admit They Are Unable to Keep Pace with Data Breaches

20 Apr, 2017

If security direction is lacking at the top, it will trickle down through the company and the results could be devastating to the organization.

With IDF Gone, Could NVIDIA’s GTC Be Next?

20 Apr, 2017

In the end, events like IDF and GTC should evolve from physical places tied to dates to virtual places tied to your specific needs.

Changing Minds, Not Numbers, Lies at Heart of Achieving Diversity, Expert Says

20 Apr, 2017

Linda Sharkey, an organizational and leadership development strategist and co-author of a book on talent development, shares a non-traditional perspective on the topic of corporate diversity and inclusion.

Despite Cyber Skills Gap, Security Graduates Struggle to Get Hired

19 Apr, 2017

There is a reluctance to hire recent graduates or bring in interns in cybersecurity positions. However, there is no good explanation for why this reluctance continues to linger.

How to Fight Against Ransomware: It’s Hard, Not Hopeless

18 Apr, 2017

Ransomware is causing panic, but three security experts explain that if you put in the work on backup, staff education and other strategies, you can drastically reduce the risk.

Intel Kills IDF: Why Traditional Trade Shows and Developers’ Forums Will Eventually Die

17 Apr, 2017

The idea of trade shows predates the internet and, over time, has become something of an ironic tech industry anachronism.

Chinese Tech Entrepreneur Shares Views on Internet Censorship, Software Piracy

17 Apr, 2017

Jack Zhang, founder and CEO of GeekPark, shares his views on some topics that are controversial, including internet censorship, corporate espionage and software piracy.

Apple vs. Qualcomm Litigation and the Nuclear Option

14 Apr, 2017

While the heart of this appears to be an ill-conceived effort to force Qualcomm to give Apple a unique discount and competitive advantage, that now seems unachievable due to the public nature of this dispute.

MariaDB to Add JSON Support

14 Apr, 2017

Created to provide an alternative to the MySQL database acquired by Oracle, the MariaDB open source community is now focused primarily on closing functionality gaps between MariaDB and other relational databases.

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