Jaspersoft Offers 53-Cent Per Hour Cloud BI Server

Loraine Lawson

Jaspersoft recently adopted a utility-base price model for its Business Intelligence server, offering it at an hourly rate — less than 50 cents per hour, in most cases — on the AWS marketplace. IT Business Edge’s Loraine Lawson talked with Karl Van den Bergh, vice president of Product & Alliances, about this new offering.

Lawson: So what made Jaspersoft decide to make this shift to utility-based pricing?

Van den Bergh: Let me start from the top and give you a quick overview of Jaspersoft and how this AWS offering fits into it.

We’re a commercial open source company headquartered in San Francisco. We offer a full BI suite and today we have a very large community that uses the open source part of it, so about 350,000 community members, and we have about 18,000 customers, with 1,800 subscribed to our annual software subscription. So our primary business model is an annual subscription.

Basically, our core value proposition is what we call the “intelligence inside.” What we mean by that is it’s our belief that the best way to get business intelligence for information to end users is inside the preferred application, not in a separate BI system. So our business intelligence offering is built with a full BI suite with ETL dashboards reporting on an in-memory engine. It does data exploration and visualizations of the full suite.

That full suite is capable of being embedded inside other applications, whether that be an internal application like a corporate portal or a custom-built application or a website or, of course, a commercial application. Today Jaspersoft powers the intelligence inside over 130,000 applications and productions.

The AWS offering comes up in that context because application development and deployment is moving to the cloud. We see our customers and our community building more applications in the cloud and our goal is to continue to serve those customers and grow our market. So our mission is really to become the de facto analytics service part of any cloud.

We have so far partnered with Amazon, with Red Hat Open Shift and with VMware, and our community edition server is available on their clouds.

We made available the commercial edition on Amazon’s Marketplace about two months ago and when we did that, we did a couple of things that were pretty significant. Probably the most significant is that we adopted the infrastructure or the utility-based pricing that Amazon provides today for their service, which means that you can buy our full BI suite starting at 40 cents an hour.

No restrictions: There are no user or data restrictions, there are no additional fees. You can get a full BI server, reporting dashboards, in-memory analysis, data visualization, starting at 40 cents an hour.

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