The Argument for a Five-Hour Workday

23 Jun, 2016

Stephan Aarstol is out to convince us that companies would prosper, and society would benefit, if we’d switch to a five-hour workday.

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Debunking the Myth of Microsoft as the ‘Evil Empire’

21 Jun, 2016

George Santino talks about what it was really like on the inside of what many on the outside saw as the “Evil Empire.”

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How Software Developers Become Leaders Without Going into Management

15 Jun, 2016

To become leaders, developers need to stretch themselves, commit to something over time, and execute in the trenches.

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SMBs’ Cloud Goal: Simplicity

14 Jun, 2016

The growth of cloud services is, in essence, the great leveler between small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

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What’s Driving the Deep and Growing Cloud/SMB Relationship

14 Jun, 2016

Techaisle Founder and CEO Anurag Agrawal discusses findings from research on how and why SMBs are using cloud: As an essential part of infrastructure, it addresses a need for certainty and control over operations and costs.

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A Career in Male-Dominated Industries: What One Woman Has Learned

13 Jun, 2016

Author and leadership consultant Dana W. White talks about her experiences as a woman working in male-dominated industries.

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Onshore Software Services Provider Advocates Tapping Foreign Talent

08 Jun, 2016

Nexient CEO Matt Orttung explains the pressures that shape his views on outsourcing and the visa system.

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Retired Partner Engineer at Microsoft Shares Rags-to-Riches Story

06 Jun, 2016

Career advice from George Santino, one of the early insiders at Microsoft.

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Cybercrime: Who Do You Call When There’s a Cybercrime?

02 Jun, 2016

We have built a regulatory framework that is ineffective at recognizing, let alone combatting, cybercrime.

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U.S. Offshoot of Germany’s SAP Focuses on Cybersecurity, ‘Information Fusion’

01 Jun, 2016

CEO talks about the work SAP NS2 is doing, especially in regard to serving U.S. military veterans.

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