Cultural Norms in IT Breed Toxic Employees, Training Exec Says

28 Jul, 2015

CEO of a leadership and training company speaks about points revealed from a survey on toxic employees and adds examples from her own experiences.

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Laplink CEO Touts File Transfer Offerings in Run-up to Windows 10 Release

23 Jul, 2015

Thomas Koll, CEO of Laplink Software gives his insight on moving data from old PCs to new Windows 10 computers.

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Shadow IT: Is the IT Organization Becoming the Shadow?

21 Jul, 2015

Gartner predicts that marketing will spend more on technology than IT by 2017, so what does that mean for the enterprise IT organization?

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How to Deal with the High Cost of Employee Turnover

14 Jul, 2015

Employee turnover can be costly for any company--especially if they've been with the company for very long. A management company offers tips on hiring the right employees.

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IAPP Finds No Salary Gender Gap Among Privacy Professionals

07 Jul, 2015

With all the talk of pay and opportunity disparities for men and women in IT, individuals working in the relatively new niche of privacy report lots of good news.

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What You Need to Know About Outsourcing Enterprise Facilities Management

01 Jul, 2015

“Green computing” and efficient operations are inseparable. Whether or not you call it something that makes for a good bumper sticker, it’s all about efficient enterprise facilities management.

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Understanding the Real Dollar and Morale Costs of Interruptions

24 Jun, 2015

Interruptions, far from being the perfectly normal way of life we’ve come to see them to be, are actually a taxing but very avoidable drain on our time.

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Projects: Planview’s ‘No Matter How You Work’ Approach

22 Jun, 2015

Planview Senior Vice President of Management Louise Allen says enterprises and small teams are realizing how much collaboration is falling through the cracks.

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‘A Ray of Hope’ for Disadvantaged People Who Dream of a Career in IT

22 Jun, 2015

The Creating IT Futures Foundation provides much-needed IT training focused on hardware and infrastructure via the IT-Ready Network.

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Maja Mataric: The Story Behind an Influential Advocate for Women in Tech

15 Jun, 2015

Mataric has long championed the advancement of women, especially in technology. She discusses the unique aspects of her background that she believes have helped her in impressive career achievements.

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