Cybrary.IT’s Free Cybersecurity Training Set to Change Tech Ed

23 Jan, 2015

Cybrary.IT is the first and only free MOOC for IT and cybersecurity education. It recently launched to the general public, and is seeing strong worldwide uptake.

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No Relief in Sight for Tech Recruiting, Retention Pain

22 Jan, 2015

Those having difficulty in recruiting tech talent should know they are not alone.

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Growing Adoption of Public Cloud Services Boosts Need for Hybrid Cloud Management

13 Jan, 2015

How to best manage that hybrid environment becomes one that an increasing number of IT pros will have to be able to answer.

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The Argument in Favor of Relying on the Public Cloud for Disaster Recovery

15 Dec, 2014

HotLink's CEO explains the four main reasons that some companies wait too long to explore the public cloud for disaster recovery.

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When the CEO and CIO Are in Harmony, the Business Benefits

08 Dec, 2014

Interviews with the CEO and CIO of Datalink show that though the role of the CIO is evolving, it still has business benefit.

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An Inside Look at One CEO’s Working Relationship with His CIO

26 Nov, 2014

Datalink President and CEO Paul Lidsky explains how he works with relatively new CIO Dave Brady, who does not report directly to him, at least on paper.

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Notice to IT Pros: You’re Being Judged on Your Presentation Skills

10 Nov, 2014

IT professionals, who are at the forefront of championing advances in the application of technology in any number of pursuits, are decidedly old-school when it comes to presenting information.

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Startup SteelBrick Aims to Plug CPQ Hole in Ecosystem

13 Oct, 2014

The SteelBrick startup is working to seal up a gap in's ecosystem with its configure, price, quote (CPQ) product.

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Another Foreign Female Tech Entrepreneur Succeeds ‘Against All Odds’

29 Sep, 2014

Born in India, residing in Singapore, Redicka Subrammanian has brought her tech company's customer engagement services to the U.S.

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Why Xchanging Appointed a Head of Internet of Things

05 Aug, 2014

Xchanging is one of the firms aiming to lead on helping clients incorporate IoT planning into their business process integration and digitization efforts.

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