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Joseff Betancourt

Hello. My name is Joseff Betancourt and I'm a Web-a-holic.

One can say my head is in the clouds. Being involved on a daily basis with enterprise and Web product technologies, it doesn't take too long to find that the glamorous silver lining of all-that-is-Web starts to corrode into a green noxious goop, which in no time sticks you to a series of gadgets, tools and accessories that you most likely never asked for, never wanted, and -- unfortunately --- probably never get away from.

So when they asked me to cover Web 2.0 technologies, I told them 'No,' as I'm not impartial anymore and I hate them all (as they never meet what is advertised) -- open source, proprietary, browser wars, end users, private stores -- to which they quickly pointed out that my equally ill sentiments made me impartial.

So FINE, I'm impartial (but only because I've been over-exposed to all this 'new and improved' tech that comes out every month). Quite frankly, I'm in a mind frame that an open source product can be just as good (or as bad) as a proprietary product (and vice versa).

I'm not going to push one product over the other and most likely I'll find the same flaws in all of them, which are just going to bring me even closer to that edge of frustration that we all end up having with any of the products we use. I'll write more about technologies and stuff that is current, and which I'm actually implementing. As I find issues with my projects, you'll hear about them.

So, let's face it, every product has its shortcomings (unless you're selling them -- then your product is definitely 'a competitive advantage'!), its strengths, its lovers and its haters -- I'll be the sentient being in the middle shouting from the roof tops that you're all crazy for making another product  to track your various products (you know who you are)!

I assume I'll rant a bit, and complain, and even praise, but let's face it, if you want hard-core news without opinion, go to Reuters. If you want a peek into that pink stuff in the middle of my head that they claim is my brain, stay tuned because e-mail, mobile phones and Dick-Tracy-like-gadgets have gotten us to a point of information overload and, quite frankly, I'm on the edge -- the Web 2.0 Edge.

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