The Value of Enterprise Search

Frank Ohlhorst

Many CTOs are looking for ways to add value to their data sets, especially since the amount of data stored is growing exponentially, and the cost of storing that data grows as well.

Some have turned to big data analytics solutions such as Hadoop, while others have looked at data mining and other technologies to bring value to cost of archiving data. Yet there is still room to leverage the business value of data-in the form of enterprise search.

Of course, enterprise search has been around for some time. It has generally followed the Web search paradigm, where internal Web pages are indexed and added to a search index. As a matter of fact, companies such as Google have introduced enterprise search appliances to give that 'Google-like' experience to the retrieval of data inside the firewall. Nevertheless, it has been hard to determine the value of such solutions.

Traditional enterprise search engines all suffer from the same problem: the inability to filter out the irrelevant from the relevant. In other words, users are bombarded by results, which often have little meaning for the task at hand. What's more, the searches are often limited to Web-only content. More often than not, enterprise search would fall by the wayside as the information lost its relevance.

Vivisimo with Velocity 8.0 is looking to restore the relevant value of data with a new concept behind enterprise search. The company is taking an active approach to provide rapid search capabilities across multiple data sets and includes the ability to look deeper into enterprise data storage. The company has APIs and methods that look inside enterprise databases, proprietary application data and so on.

Topping off the approach is the ability to design custom search algorithms, which are created based upon a business process and not a mass search concept. Ideally, Vivisimo can understand the underlying business processes, how the user works with those processes, and what data (or relationships) the user needs to uncover to perform his or her job. Simply put, Vivisimo puts the intelligence back into search, without requiring the user to learn complex search syntax.

What Vivisimo is doing bodes well for the search engine market and for those looking to tame large data sets. The company has uncovered the primary deficiency with current enterprise search technology, while offering a new way to think about data. With some tweaking, the custom search algorithm analogy will have wide-ranging impact, affecting everything from e-discovery to compliance audition to big data analytics. It is a trend worth watching.

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