Torn Between Tablets

Charlene OHanlon
The world, I firmly believe, is divided into two camps: those who love Apple and those who don't. It's a simplistic categorization, I know, but it's true. And the reaction to the Apple iPad 2 is proof.

"Big deal," some say. "Apple's just upped the processing power and added cameras for video calling. Lots of other tablets on the market have had the same features right out of the gate."

And you know what? They're right.

I'm a die-hard Apple fan. I've used Macs pretty consistently for more than a decade, and last year I got a first-generation iPad, which I enjoy immensely. However, it has always felt like an in-between technology for me-the iPad doesn't have all the features I need to be able to do all of my job-related tasks efficiently, yet it seems like I should be using it for more than playing Scrabble or finding a good restaurant through the UrbanSpoon app.

The iPad 2, with its dual cameras, will be more useful, and to be sure, the greater processing power can only be a good thing. But in comparing the iPad 2 against other tablet newcomers-the Motorola Xoom comes to mind - it's tough for me to make a solid argument for the iPad over other devices. Sure, there's a good chance I'll be upgrading my current iPad to a newer model, but before I do I will be doing some serious research into the pros and cons of the iPad vs. the Xoom-or any other worthy contenders.

Although I profess my love for all-things-Apple, I have never owned an iPhone, and that is simply because I have been happy enough with my mobile network provider (Sprint) to not want to move over to AT&T (or now Verizon). The thought of having to use either Verizon or AT&T as my data plan provider for the iPad, however, makes me want to look even more diligently at what Google Android-based tablets are available on the Sprint network. So at the end of the day, you could say I'm torn between two loves-nifty technology and a decent network connection. Too bad the twain shall never meet.

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