Surprise! Survey Finds Apple iPad Still Popular

Charlene OHanlon
Yet another survey has been released about the iPad's dominance in the marketplace and-surprise!-the results show users are still pretty darn happy with the device. This time the study is from the University of Missouri, which found that iPad owners are reporting exceptionally high levels of satisfaction and that satisfaction appears to be increasing the longer they use the device.

As a regular iPad user, I can tell you those findings are absolutely true. I use my iPad for both work and play, carrying it along to press events that don't warrant my laptop but require some sort of digital input device. At home, I use it to check my email and calendar and partake in the many useful apps such as the IMDb app, which I can use to quickly look up the name of the familiar-looking actor in a show I'm watching.

Just about the only thing I don't really like to do on my iPad is Web browsing-the screen is small and the lack of Flash support really brings down the whole experience for me.

Some may pin the iPad's success on Apple's innovation, but it would be interesting to expand this survey to all tablet users and see what the results are. My bet is you'd find a pretty high level of satisfaction among users of tablet PCs in general, not just the iPad. Tablets have changed the way we interface with and consume information, making the experience downright enjoyable.

And that's something to consider for companies considering adopting tablets into the workplace-giving employees the tools they want to use, rather than have to use, will almost guarantee widespread adoption and, I'll bet, result in increased productivity. Savvy hardware vendors figured this out a while ago, giving the business space oodles of choices in the tablet form factor from regular to rugged. It's really up to the enterprise to choose iOS, Android, Android Honeycomb or BlackBerry.

I, for one, believe the success of the iPad-and tablets in general-is not just a passing fad. Tablets have found their way into the hearts and minds of the consumer and business user alike, and it's a safe bet they're not going away anytime soon.

To paraphrase late actor and former NRA President Charlton Heston, you'll have to pry my iPad from my cold, dead hands.

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Jul 14, 2011 7:07 AM singapore business school singapore business school  says:
I am thinking of purchasing a tablet but it won�t be an iPad as I still think that the OS for these are very old (almost 5 years old OS) and when you compare that to Google�s, it�s being updated and changing almost yearly Reply

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