Mobile Devices Becoming Our Best Shopping Friend

Charlene OHanlon

A recent survey reveals that shopping is the latest frontier for mobile devices, and we've taken to the technology like ducks to water.

'The 2010 Shopper Experience Study,' conducted by RIS News in conjunction with Cognizant, surveyed 2,200 consumers to gauge sentiment about practices related to retail technology. In other words, how is technology affecting the retail experience for consumers of all age groups? The results were surprising.

For starters, 40 percent of older shoppers surveyed-those aged 65 or older-have used coupons from their mobile devices. That's a shocking statistic, when you think about the number of people in that age group who have never used a computer.

And those Gen X-ers and Gen Y-ers are growing cranky, with their chief complaint being inconsistent pricing between brick-and-mortar stores and their online counterparts.

But no matter how pervasive mobile technology has become in the shopping experience, for the most part consumers are not yet comfortable with the idea of using their smartphones to conduct transactions.

On the surface, the survey shows some interesting trends in how consumers use their mobile devices while shopping. It also demonstrates how consumer devices are forcing a sea change. The tables have turned from the way we do business driving technology, to technology driving the way we do business.

It's also a lesson for companies as they plan and implement customer-facing technology solutions. As mobile devices become an integral part of the customer equation, companies must adjust their strategies to accommodate them.

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