Leapfrogging the Enterprise into Mobility via the Cloud

Charlene OHanlon

Sometimes, the main barrier for companies in adopting new technology is the sheer messiness of replacing old technologies. I've lost count of the number of people I know who are still running Windows XP because it would be a long and complicated process to upgrade to Vista or Windows 7.

Leapfactor, an upstart enterprise mobility company based in Silicon Valley, understands the dilemma companies-especially in the enterprise-face when upgrading or adopting new technologies. In particular, Leapfactor understands the pain points a company has in mobilizing its enterprise applications for an on-the-go employee base. So it has developed a cloud-based platform that companies can use to mobilize any business application or process, eliminating the need for infrastructure upgrades or complex integration.

The company describes its technology as such:

'With Leapfactor's enterprise mobility platform, data is extracted from backend systems through light XML trading mechanisms and is delivered to the cloud through a secure and efficient data-exchange channel. Cloud computing resources are then dynamically allocated to process and forward the data to each user's mobile device, where the business content is accessed through consumer-like apps. Leapfactor's cloud-based architecture offers massive scalability and the company's security model protects data through every step of the process, whether on-premise, in the cloud or on the user's mobile device.'

Sounds pretty straightforward. Leapfactor has just released three microapps that work with the mobility platform: Business Alerts, Business Indicators and Business Approvals. The Business Alerts app delivers alerts and notifications to users based on parameters established by the company, and works with virtually any backend system, from mission-critical and emergency response systems to e-mail servers and RSS feeds.

The Business Indicators app provides business metrics in a rich format presented via an easy-to-read dashboard. The app is able to handle, manage and interact with more than a million records without sacrificing performance, and users can drill down into the data to create custom, granular reports.
The Business Approvals app extends decision approvals or rejections to mobile users, and can handle any workflow so any type of approval can be delivered, such as maintenance requests, investment options, travel expenses, purchase orders or sales agreements.

All three of these apps are available for download at the iPhone App Store.

With the popularity of mobile devices on the rise-according to In-Stat, mobile computing devices, including tablets, mini-notes (netbooks and smartbooks) and notebook PCs, will grow at a 19.1 percent CAGR through 2014 and account for more than 400 million units-more companies are discovering the need to mobilize their applications. And if there's an easier way to accomplish this via the cloud, then more power to the enterprise.

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