Google Buzz and Noise Reduction

Joseff Betancourt

I'm reading up on Google's newest technology, 'Buzz,' which promises to take the noise out of the social network experience by merging it into Gmail.

I've already seen previous Google attempts in social networking, and it's not good (Orkut-failure except in Brazil, where they are gaga over it). It's almost like Google can't take the fact that it is losing the social network war.

Buzz is supposed to do status updates, locations, maps, and sharing of video and files with other users that you use your Gmail with the most. Now, excuse me if I'm wrong here, but isn't that what e-mail (Gmail, to be exact) is supposed to do? I mean, I can share files, video and see my user status in Gmail-so what's the big deal with Buzz?

In my opinion, Google should just buy Twitter and get over the social network itch that it needs to scratch. Add that other highly touted, yet under-used Google Wave tool-I have only one Wave buddy and a few hundred Facebook buddies -- to Twitter and you're done. But I digress.

Basically, Buzz will add tweaks to existing social network tools, i.e., allow a user to set who gets updates based on contacts and groups. So grandma won't know I'm on an all-night kegger with some vendor buddies. Better yet, your boss won't know I'm on an all-night kegger with a vendor.

This is great. But in all honesty, I'm all social'd out. I don't want to know what my best friend from kindergarten is doing.

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May 6, 2010 5:05 AM Seth Wisely Seth Wisely  says:
* would be nice if your form respected my whitespace Reply
May 11, 2010 3:05 AM Steve Steve  says:
Agreed! How many ways do I need to overcommunicate with people? Surely there expectations wasn't that they were going to lure people off of Facebook? Reply

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