Getting IT Ready for Hurricane Irene

Frank Ohlhorst
Up and down the East Coast preparations are being made for the arrival of Hurricane Irene, people are boarding up windows, battening down hatches, buying bottled water and so on. However, what are businesses doing to prepare for this pending disaster?
For many, backup and disaster recovery planning are on the bottom of the list, left to policies put in place sometime in the past. So the question remains: Are those businesses ready for a regional disaster? Having backup tapes in the glove box of the boss's car isn't really going to cut it in the case of a hurricane (or other regional disaster)-nevertheless, that seems to be how many small businesses prepare for a disaster.
The truth is, you cannot rely on untested, unverified solutions to protect a business from a regional disaster-there are a bunch of 'what-ifs' that go unaccounted for: What if the boss's car winds up swept away in a flood? What if the safe deposit box with backup tapes is in a building destroyed by a regional event? What if the file server is swept away in a flood?
Those 'what-ifs' are the fuel for building a disaster recovery plan and implementing the technology that deals with the possibilities of a disaster, no matter how unlikely they seem. For most, it is going to take a hybrid approach that leverages the cloud to offer the best level of protection.
Solutions such as SonicWALL's Continuous Data Protection (CDP), which combines online backup with an onsite device, proves to be one of the better ways to deal with a disaster-the key is to combine technology that automatically backs up systems, offers verification and provides fast recovery, while still providing a regional separation for the backed-up data-and that is exactly what SonicWALL accomplishes.
So for those who dodged the bullet of Irene, it's not too late to see what your disaster recovery solution can do for you.

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