Five Ways CTOs Can Save Time and Money While Keeping Data Secure

Kelly Lipp

With more data, growing costs and increased complexity, mid-market businesses face the most challenging data environment yet. The looming data backup crisis is the result of a hodgepodge of hardware and software products from multiple vendors. As a leading provider of proven data backup solutions for the mid-market, STORServer would like to share five ways that CTOs can save time and money while keeping their data safe this year. 

What we're identifying below are the five most important considerations for all CTOs in 2010 as they take on this data backup burden:

Virtualization moves to mid-market: Traditionally, virtualization has primarily caught on in large enterprises. However, in 2010, this technology will develop a greater presence in the mid-market resulting in the need for high-performance storage solutions. CTOs should look to virtualization to boost server and storage capabilities, allowing them to cut spending on server hardware and increase efficiencies.

Forget disaster recovery; think disaster planning: As the economy recovers, it is more important than ever for mid-market companies to have a solid disaster recovery plan in place. Start planning for any potential threats to business continuity, realizing not just natural disasters, but human errors, disgruntled employees and network failures can also cause interruption or data loss. It is not enough to recover after a disaster strikes. Anticipate interruptions and plan accordingly ahead of time.

More remote office/branch office (ROBO) data equals more vulnerability: Ensuring the security of the ROBO and the data they store is an increasing problem. More focus must be placed on protecting a company's ROBO data. As more data moves from the datacenter to the remote office, the more important it is to ensure it's not vulnerable.

Stop being duped by the wrong de-dupe: In 2010, companies will realize they are duping data that should never have been duped in the first place. De-duplication, if done incorrectly, carries with it high costs, mountains of duplicated data and wasted time. De-duping excess data created by a backup solution is akin to washing all of the clothes in your closet every day, whether they are dirty or not. Instead, companies will turn to solutions that back up only each day's new data.

Data security is a must: By this time next year, the digital universe will be 10 times bigger than it was just three years ago. With more data comes more attacks on mid-market data centers and branch offices. These attacks will expose more records than ever before to abuse. Ensuring the security of remote and branch offices and the data they store is just one of the growing problems. More than ever, make sure your data is secure.

Our mission is to help companies simplify backup of their data in an environment of ever-increasing complexity. The New Year will bring new challenges, but if CTOs can implement these five strategies, they'll have a greener, more cost effective and secure infrastructure.

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Feb 2, 2010 8:02 PM DCC DCC  says:
I agree - we are seeing an increasing trend in server virtualization. Clients are moving towards operating fewer boxes in a virtualized mode to minimize infrastructure cost, colocation, cooling, power, etc. Reply
Feb 2, 2010 9:02 PM Janice Taylor Gaines Janice Taylor Gaines  says:
I think David Scott is right: Most organizations enjoy �security� largely as a matter of luck. Anyone else here reading �I.T. WARS�? I had to read parts of this book as part of my employee orientation at a new job. The book talks about a whole new culture as being necessary � an eCulture � for a true understanding of security, being that most identity/data breaches are due to simple human errors. It has great chapters on security, as well as risk, content management, project management, acceptable use, various plans and policies, and so on. Just Google �IT WARS� � check out a couple links down and read the interview with the author David Scott. (Full title is �I.T. WARS: Managing the Business-Technology Weave in the New Millennium�). Reply

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