Entering the Cloud By a Factor of Nine

Joseff Betancourt
Part of the mission of my blog is to keep an eye out for some of the newest Web services and startups in the cloud sphere. I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't talk about a new cloud infrastructure company that is making a break: NineFold.

NineFold is an Australian startup company that is targeting startups and smaller businesses that would normally be looking at Amazon Web Services. The company seems pretty solid with the backing of a major Australian telecom company, Macquarie Telecom. Looking at its webpage it's pretty obvious that this company is maneuvering itself against AWS on a global marketplace.

There is no shortage of cloud providers, but there is a shortage of high-quality cloud providers. From talking to insiders about this new company, we may have a shot at a new quality cloud provider. This is great news because more products are being released in the near-term future that are going to rely more heavily on the cloud.

I know some American readers may be thinking, 'Oh, an Australian company, isn't that a third-world country?' (I actually heard this today) and for those naysayers here's a fact: AUSTRALIA IS A MODERN CONTINENT and has a nearly $1 trillion GDP and even though this is only about 1/14 of the U.S. GDP, given its proximity to Asia (yes, another continent) and focus on cloud technology, you've still got something big on your hands.

NineFold is pretty secretive on its technology, but the Where the Bits Roam blog did some digging and found that most of the API calls that NineFold uses are from a mix of proprietary and open source products like EMC's Atmos and OSS OpenStack Compute, which I really enjoy seeing because it just proves that heterogeneous environments are the way to go.

I will be keeping an eye on NineFold, and I'll actually sign up and check its technology up close and report back. Who knows, maybe I found my future hosting platform!

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