Eat Your Cloud Computing Cake

Joseff Betancourt
In-Stat Research has released a report that states that by 2014 software-as-a-service spending will increase 112 percent from current levels, which represents a nearly $8 billion increase. The other 'as-a-services' will increase as well, says the report, with infrastructure-as-a-service spending increasing by about $4 billion. In contrast, platform-as-a-service spending is forecasted to increase a mere $460 million.

By way of corroboration, Gartner says that 50 percent of data centers will have high-density zones by 2015. This makes sense because more money in the SaaS market means more concentrated server capacity in the cloud. Gartner does us the favor of defining the high-density zone as an area 'where the energy needed is more than 10kW per rack for a given set of rows.'

In terms of SaaS adoption, small office and home office users are supposed to be at the heart of the expansion. But what does this really mean for the CTO or IT manager? Well, simply put, it comes down to timing and great opportunity for some strategic planning.

As highlighted at this week's Cloud Connect conference, the 'as-a-service' market is on the cusp of going mainstream, so the time to negotiate hedge strategies and strategic alliances is now-before the boom.

New services will eventually emerge to compete over the limited market space that existing services have now. This is a great time to seed your opportunities so that you are in an even better leveraging position tomorrow when SaaS providers are doing everything they can to retain their customer base.

To add caramel to this sundae, even now you can use this popularity of SaaS and the fear that SaaS instills in traditional channels to get great deals and services at dirt-cheap rates. So the time to have your cake and eat it too is now.

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Sep 28, 2011 6:09 AM Dried Fruits Dried Fruits  says:
Excellent post, I wonder if you can take control of big mind like a group. Reply
Oct 21, 2011 11:10 PM Sean Sean  says:
Cloud has defiantly already moved in to parts of our life, why not have your cake and eat it too especially when it simplifies your life. A great example of such products is on Reply
Nov 17, 2011 3:11 AM khalid khalid  says:
What a great post! i think it's really increase $460 million? Reply
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