Double Checking on DoubleClick

Joseff Betancourt

Google has announced that its workhorse advertising product AdSense will be merged and rebranded with DoubleClick. The new DoubleClick Small Business touts itself as easier to use then its predecessor and offers advanced features such as Web APIs.

My experience with DoubleClick could never be called easy, and I hope that Google doesn't dirty the muck with a "DART for dummies" implementation attempt.

All your existing code should continue to work as it does with AdSense. I just hope it wasn't like the last AdSense upgrade that made me upgrade all my easy-to-read -- and easily programmable -- code into obfuscated AdSense gibberish, because sometimes I want to program in conditionals to create different channels on demand.

Let's continue to talk about DoubleClick Small Business. I'd like to know what the limits are on impressions and campaign management. When exactly do I need to pay for DoubleClick enterprise? When you have competitors like Open X, it wouldn't really be a smart idea to start to limit functionality at all, would it?

If this news really scares you, then check out Open X, Yahoo or AdBrite for your general run-of-the-mill ads. In my opinion, Open X is the best because you can also do full campaigning for your site.

If your current hit rate is high enough (over 10k a month), you can use one of the more selective advertising systems out there such as Federated Media. But don't forget about those other speciality advertising companies such as Chitka for targeted post-search ads and Pheedo for RSS feeds advertising (if you're not interested in Google's Feedburner service).

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Feb 23, 2010 4:02 PM Rob S Rob S  says:
Just to clarify - AdSense is *not* being merged and rebranded with DoubleClick. Rather, Google Ad Manager, which is our current free ad serving product, is being upgraded to DFP Small Business. It remains free for up to 90m impressions per month (excluding any AdSense impressions). You can read more here: AdSense is unaffected by this announcement. Reply
Feb 23, 2010 8:02 PM Joseff Betancourt, PMP Joseff Betancourt, PMP  says:
Rob, thanks for the clarification. This makes a lot of difference. I've used the Ad Manager before and honestly it's great. It doesn't always seed right, but as devils advocate I've had that issues with Open X and other commercial Ad systems. In my experience with Ad Manager I was never able to get Ad Sense to integrate successfully. Hopefully now Ad Manager has had all issues like those ironed out and is ready for prime time. I can go on and on about what an Ad system needs (i.e. Rich Media support) and doesn't (i.e. impression limits), but let's not and say I did. I'd love to hear more from the fine folks at Google (straight from the horses mouth as they say). Reply
Feb 24, 2010 1:02 AM Bill Flitter Bill Flitter  says:
Joseff, thanks for the mention of Pheedo! Much appreciated. Cheers, Bill Flitter Founder Pheedo & Reply
Jun 18, 2011 5:06 AM Pierce33Adrienne Pierce33Adrienne  says:
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