Does Apple Know Something About the iPad?

Joseff Betancourt

Does Apple know something about the iPad it doesn't want us to know?
So I'm reading about Apple's announcement about its battery replacement for the iPad, and I'm wondering, 'now why would they start to worry about replacements so soon-iPad isn't even out yet!'
PC Mag has a great article outlining the details of the new policy. It explains that you'll basically pay $99 for a new battery, receiving a completely new 'refurbished' iPad from Cupertino.
This is basically the same thing as the iPhone. This replacement is of course contingent that the device is in perfect working order. The fine folks at Apple are quick to point out that water damage does not apply to the replacement.
This is interesting because for a long while iPhone users were pretty much on their own if their device came into contact with any type of wet problem.
So given that Apple is usually reactive in its replacement policy and has a history of fighting tooth and nail against replacements-why has it begun to show its policies around like a trophy wife?
Maybe because people are beginning to wise up that these unibody constructed devices-stylish as they are - tend to be a serviceable nightmare. Remember all-in-one VCR TVs? They stopped selling those after awhile, too.

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