Cloudy with a Chance of Confusion

Frank Ohlhorst
The cloud has come to mean many things for many people and much of the recent press hasn't helped to solidify any particular definition. Many still wonder, what exactly is the cloud? The answers to that query are both easy and complex, making the subject of the cloud that much more difficult to grasp. For some, the cloud is a source of applications, for others it's all about services, and many think of the cloud as a big storage depot. These answers are all correct, and yet also wrong depending on the context.

What's more, Microsoft is adding to the confusion with its series of 'to the cloud' commercials, where the company makes it seem like the cloud is a magical realm that you use to fix pictures or retrieve forgotten slide shows.

Of course, the confusion doesn't begin and end with just Microsoft. Take storage in the cloud, for example. Service providers are promoting things such as 'public cloud storage," "local cloud storage," "hybrid cloud storage" and so on, but what does it all really mean, and how can it benefit your business?

The solution to the cloud definition dilemma comes in the form of research. Yes, someone is going to have to roll up his or her sleeves and dive into the technobabble and come up with a definition that fits his or her  particular needs. To that end, I am participating in a webinar sponsored by Egnyte, a provider of file service technologies for the cloud, that hopefully may answer many of the cloud questions and help to better define what cloud storage may mean to your business alongside all the pros and cons. So sign up and help define just what cloud computing really is.

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