Apple Finally Sheds Number Two Status

Charlene OHanlon

It seemed impossible, yet deep down Macintosh enthusiasts knew it was bound to happen: Apple has surpassed Microsoft as the world's most valuable technology company.

How could this happen, you may ask. After all, Microsoft technology is woven into the fabric of almost every corporate infrastructure worldwide, not to mention the education and government spaces. Apple's technology, meanwhile, is too simple for the corporate space. It's better suited to housewives and little girls.

And yet, here we are, standing at a point in time when Bill Gates is probably feeling just a bit embarrassed.
To be fair, much of Apple's success has been in the consumer space, and not just with its computers. The iPod changed the way we listen to music, and the iPhone changed the way we look at communications technology.

When was the last time Microsoft created a technology game-changer?

Now that innovation is seeping into the enterprise, as more corporate platforms become operating system-agnostic, Macs are now becoming standard hardware-pushing hard on the one space Microsoft monopolized.

Simply put, Microsoft got lazy. None of its operating systems have ever worked properly, yet Microsoft expected us to live with it. Rather than work on being the absolute best, Microsoft rested on its laurels as the company that brought computing to the masses.

It has brought the founders of Microsoft untold wealth and fame, but it didn't do much to keep them thinking of ways to improve our lives through computing.

Apple did, and now the upstart is No. 1.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

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