Altus Mobilizes Video Search

Charlene OHanlon

The information accessibility gap between working in the office and being on the road is narrowing as vendors strive to make their offerings available to the mobile workforce.

Altus Learning Systems, which offers a pretty nifty enterprise video search product, has just released a mobile version of its vSearch, so employees outside the office can search rich media applications on their iPad, iPhone or BlackBerry device.

The vSearch Mobile offering is a cloud-based product, so enterprises can have a single, centralized repository for rich media including corporate presentations, webinars and podcasts, available anytime and anywhere. So your sales team in Dubuque has the same access to information as your sales team in Dubai, rendering it impossible for either to blame their sales support staff for not getting information to them quickly enough.

Such technology shows how easily the corporate walls can come tumbling down. VPNs paved the way for employee productivity away from the office; now cloud-based services ensure the accessibility of pretty much any application from any location.

Provide employees with the proper access to information, and anything can be accomplished anywhere. I can envision a day when the corporate headquarters houses nothing more than a data center, with just a security guard or two watching the door. Employees will be anywhere they want to be, with access to corporate data on any device at their fingertips.

It's the future, and it's coming a lot sooner than you might think..

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