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Securing Your Cloud Environment

21 Oct, 2013

To better understand cloud security implications, this article focuses on the infrastructure and applications use cases....More >

BYOD: A Security Perspective

22 Jul, 2013

BYOD initiatives demand new security controls to minimize risk and additional IT resources to manage security initiatives....More >

Hill Climbing: From Artificial Intelligence to Business Intelligence

25 Jun, 2013

The next technology game-changer, industry transformation or billion-dollar innovation could start with a simple test....More >

Data Loss Prevention on the Cloud

18 Jun, 2013

Nobody is monitoring cloud-based applications. What can be done?...More >

Leveraging Big Data While Preparing for SAP HANA

09 May, 2013

Companies preparing for the transition to SAP HANA from their current SAP NetWeaver BW or ERP platforms will benefit substantially from NLS by archiving static, less frequently accessed, but high- value data today....More >

Lost in the Cloud: A Useful Checklist for Identity Management and IDaaS Integration

06 May, 2013

Divide the selection criteria into three phases: business-driven, IDaaS solution-driven, and IDaas provider-driven....More >

Identifying and Prioritizing the Business Benefits of Mobility

21 Mar, 2013

Executives should prioritize those benefits that will have the greatest impact for their organization and then craft a strategy around them....More >

Next-Generation Outsourcing: Enterprise Crowdsourcing

06 Mar, 2013

Many companies are engaging in crowdsourcing over a more traditional outsourcing approach....More >

What to Do When IT Owns Data Governance

19 Feb, 2013

With IT in control of a data governance program, they will be more effective as a facilitator than acting as a single point of control....More >

Mobile Application Security: The Foundation for Tomorrow’s Digital Era

23 Jan, 2013

The approach to mobile Web app security is different from your Web app approach....More >

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