Cloudera Launches PaaS Environment for Big Data Apps

26 May, 2017

The Altus PaaS environment should substantially reduce the amount of time it takes to stand up a Big Data application.

Future Customer Experience Will Be Bot-to-Bot Interaction, Tech Guru Says

25 May, 2017

Soon, the customer experience in obtaining goods and services will be dramatically altered by the emergence of bots that communicate with each other, leaving nothing for us humans to do in the process other than letting our personal bots know what it is we want.

Twilio Advances Cloud Communications

25 May, 2017

As communications services continue to evolve in the age of the cloud, it’s starting to become apparent that multiple forms of communications involving text, audio and video are increasingly being embedded into applications.

Barracuda Networks Looks to Ease Cloud Security Fears

24 May, 2017

Barracuda Networks wants to reduce the friction with making the move to the cloud by making it simpler for application developers to attach a firewall to any application being developed on a public cloud.

Realm Brings Serverless Computing to Mobile Applications

23 May, 2017

It’s still early days as far as serverless computing is concerned. Most developers have not begun yet to master the functional approach to programming they require.

HDS Enables End Users to Recover Files on Their Own

23 May, 2017

The latest HCP Anywhere makes it simpler for end users via a self-service module to recover multiple files based on a point in time rather than having to individually recover each file.

SugarCRM Puts Focus on Needs of Salespeople

18 May, 2017

SugarCRM's goal is to make the application more responsive to the needs of salespeople versus solely focusing on the needs of sales managers.

MarkLogic Bolsters Document Database

18 May, 2017

Document databases have emerged as the most widely used type of NoSQL database in the enterprise. MarkLogic this week announced it is making its implementation of a document database more secure as well as simpler to manage and integrate.

IBM Launches Blockchain Accelerator Program

18 May, 2017

The challenge now is finding the least expensive way to foster the development of blockchain proof of concepts around which new business models can be wrapped.

SAP Extends Analytics Portfolio

17 May, 2017

While SAP continues to offer a broad range of analytics applications that can be purchased separately, long term, SAP is betting that analytics will increasing be embedded into transaction processing applications such as S/4HANA.

It’s Time for Smart Watches

16 May, 2017

Companies need to prepare support technology, security measures and necessary policies and procedures for an onslaught of smart watches and other wearables that will hit during the next half-decade.

Informatica Applies AI to Integration

16 May, 2017

Informatica today at the Informatica World 2017 conference announced the time has come to use artificial intelligence to automate application and data integration.

VMware to Push Control Plane for Virtual Desktops onto Azure Cloud

16 May, 2017

Since selling off the assets of its own public cloud, VMware has been aggressively moving to make the VMware stack of server, storage and network virtualization software available on a variety of public clouds.

Anticipation for Robots in the Enterprise on the Rise

15 May, 2017

The investment community is starting to wake up to the promise of RPA and its ability to disrupt a number of markets in the transition to a digital services-based economy.

Cisco to Inject AI into Applications via MindMeld Acquisition

11 May, 2017

MindMeld has been driving the development of conversation interfaces based on a natural language engine powered by machine learning algorithms.

NVIDIA GTC Keynote: It Is Going to Be an Amazing and Very Scary World Shortly

10 May, 2017

NVIDIA's focus on machine learning has made the company the envy of its peers and we are just at the start of this wave.

IBM Advances Tools for Building AI Applications

10 May, 2017

While mastering AI technologies is still a challenge for most organizations, it’s now more a matter of when versus if when it comes to AI applications becoming commonplace.

HP Announcements Point to a Broader Role for 3D Printing

08 May, 2017

The 3D printing business is at a crossroads. The issue is whether the technology can take the leap to challenge traditional production methods or will remain a large and valuable niche process.

ASCI Automates Big Data Workflows

05 May, 2017

Version 11 of ActiveBatch applies an event-driven automation framework to moving data in and out of various components of a Hadoop cluster.

Bonsai Provides Access to AI Modeling Tools

03 May, 2017

The best way to level the AI playing field is to make it a lot simpler for organizations to create applications using machine learning libraries and algorithms that Bonsai has curated.

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