Arcserve Adds Email Archiving Tool to Portfolio

26 Apr, 2017

Arcserve announced it has expanded its data protection portfolio by acquiring FastArchiver. CEO Mike Crest says FastArchiver is unique because it provides an ability to easily search emails via a console after they’ve been archived.

Xerox Brings ECM to SMBs via Cloud Service

24 Apr, 2017

Xerox has unfurled a cloud-based ECM service aimed squarely at small-to-medium (SMB) organizations.

3D Printing Edges into Production

24 Apr, 2017

Like most ambitious technologies, 3D has not arrived as a fully formed game-changer. It’s clearly evolving, however, and will have an ever greater impact as time passes.

Is the Cloud the Best Place for Analytics?

21 Apr, 2017

As with any tool in the toolbox, the value of analytics is not based on how well it’s made, but how well it’s used.

MuleSoft Aims to Foster Reuse of APIs

21 Apr, 2017

MuleSoft's Crowd enables developers and centralized IT to more naturally collaborate. Each developer, for example, automatically is only shown APIs that are potentially most relevant to their project.

TeleSign Opens Communications Platform Using REST APIs

20 Apr, 2017

By opening the platform for more developers, TeleSign Vice President Ryan Disraeli says TeleSign expects the availability of those open APIs to expand usage of its global services well beyond large organizations.

Power Trio: AI, Big Data and the IoT

19 Apr, 2017

The IoT and artificial intelligence, often supported by Big Data, will combine, overlap and in other ways systematically drive telecommunications and enterprise IT forward during the coming years.

Unified Communications’ Cloud Migration Continues

18 Apr, 2017

UC is inherently complicated and a bit counter-intuitive because it’s in essence a clever repackaging (with some expansion) of existing functionality. The migration to the cloud that has been ongoing for several years makes it even more difficult to understand.

Pegasystems Unleashes Conversational Bot Interface

18 Apr, 2017

End users can use Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant to verbally engage any Pegasystems app from almost any device or app, including Facebook, Alexa, email systems, messaging services and collaboration apps.

OTT Streaming: Broader Use, More Providers, Flexible Delivery

17 Apr, 2017

Over-the-top (OTT) video services have been a factor for several years, and the category is evolving and maturing.

Sisense Embeds Machine Learning Algorithms Within BI Application

17 Apr, 2017

Sisense is adding machine learning algorithms to analyze patterns within specific sets of data within a business intelligence application that doesn’t require data to be exported to a separate platform.

MariaDB to Add JSON Support

14 Apr, 2017

Created to provide an alternative to the MySQL database acquired by Oracle, the MariaDB open source community is now focused primarily on closing functionality gaps between MariaDB and other relational databases.

Assessing Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Together and Separately

13 Apr, 2017

Augmented reality and virtual reality are almost always considered together, and that is understandable: The names are similar and they both deal with augmenting what is being perceived by the user.

A10 Networks Deploys ADCs on Containers

12 Apr, 2017

The A10 Harmony ADC makes it simpler to secure application services by embedding analytics to enable IT organizations to more easily identify configuration issues that could be exploited by cybercriminals.

Swarm64 Partners with Intel to Accelerate SQL Performance Using FPGAs

11 Apr, 2017

FPGAs make it possible to process SQL requests to run in real time against large amounts of data without having to move data into a different database platform.

AR/VR Sets Sights on the Enterprise

10 Apr, 2017

To usher in the next user interface, the AR/VR industry will have to clearly demonstrate that it can provide not only a different means of working, but a better one.

IBM Employs Watson to Deliver IT Services

07 Apr, 2017

IBM is employing Watson to increase the quality of the IT services it provides while also reducing costs in a way that will eventually be passed on to customers.

Progress Charts Path to Simpler Cognitive Computing Future

06 Apr, 2017

Progress has acquired DataRPM to gain access to a predictive analytics engine that is primarily used to maintain physical equipment connected to the internet.

Semarchy Leverages Google Material Design Language to Transform MDM

06 Apr, 2017

Semarchy's intelligent MDM platform, xDM, uses the Material Design Language developed by Google to inject agility into the MDM process.

Hortonworks Processes SQL in Memory on Hadoop

05 Apr, 2017

Rather than having to invest in a commercial relational database, Hortonworks CTO Scott Gnau says HDP 2.6 provides all the advantages of SQL running on a platform that can handle several orders of magnitude more data.

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