Dell EMC Brings IT Automation to Low-End Storage Arrays

19 Sep, 2017

The Dell EMC SC v3000 marks the first time advanced storage automation technologies are being made available for small-to-medium enterprises.

China Telecom, Comcast and Optus Make SD-WAN Moves

19 Sep, 2017

SD-WANs are the earliest success story in the SDN universe.

GPUs Ready to Take on the Next-Generation Database

19 Sep, 2017

While many enterprises will no doubt strive to build their own GPU architectures, deployment will most likely be faster on the cloud.

IBM Appliance Accelerates Migration of Data into IBM Cloud

18 Sep, 2017

The IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration appliance allows up to 120 TB of encrypted data to be transferred into the IBM Cloud within 48 hours of receiving the appliance back.

Syncsort Expands Data Management Ambitions

18 Sep, 2017

Syncsort will continue to expand its portfolio in pursuit of tools that will lower the total cost of IT with an eye toward freeing up funds for new projects.

Helping Containers with the Operations Side of Devops

18 Sep, 2017

Rather than deploying containers to achieve a devops model, perhaps it would be wiser to improve the devops model to accommodate containers.

Rackspace Acquires Datapipe to Scale Cloud Management

15 Sep, 2017

Today, anywhere between 15 to 20 percent of application workloads are managed by a third party such as Rackspace.

The Right Approach to a Multi-Cloud Architecture

14 Sep, 2017

The enterprise is moving quickly from a single-cloud deployment strategy to one that encompasses multiple clouds.

AI Building a Smarter Cloud

13 Sep, 2017

Artificial intelligence is certain to affect IT infrastructure in a big way, but it seems that most of the immediate changes will take place on the cloud long before they seep into the enterprise data center.

LTE Networks Heading Toward Gigabit Speeds

12 Sep, 2017

LTE is flexing its still formidable muscle as Mobile World Congress convenes in San Francisco. In anticipation of the show, both T-Mobile and AT&T made LTE-related announcements.

What Makes Infrastructure ‘Composable’?

12 Sep, 2017

Composable infrastructure offers the ability to create highly specialized data environments dynamically and automatically.

IBM Strengthens Linux Security on Mainframes

12 Sep, 2017

LinuxONE Emperor II extends the IBM LinuxONE Secure Service Containers in a way that encrypts data by default in addition to making it impossible for anyone to tamper with an application.

Chip Makers Working Hard on 5G

11 Sep, 2017

Chips, chipsets and related elements are the little engines that make new technologies go. There is news on that front as it relates to the emergence of 5G.

OnApp Partners with Intel to Bring HCI Platform to the Enterprise

11 Sep, 2017

The OnApp Enterprise platform from OnApp is based on Intel Data Center Blocks constructed using Intel Xeon processors that run software developed by OnApp.

Keeping High-Scale Data and Resources in Sync

11 Sep, 2017

As data architectures evolve into the cloud and beyond, so too will the ability to optimize the way data and applications are deployed.

Red Hat Extends Ansible Automation Framework to Networking

08 Sep, 2017

IT automation is starting to be more widely employed because declarative frameworks such as Ansible make it simpler for IT administrators to automate tasks without having to master programming skills.

Enterprises Weigh Their IoT Storage Options

07 Sep, 2017

If IoT infrastructure has anything in common with traditional IT, it is that within the broad outlines of basic compute, storage and networking there will be countless customizations.

Giving Hot Chips a Cool Bath

04 Sep, 2017

Enterprises have become increasingly open to the idea of liquid-based heat exchange, if only because air-cooled systems are not keeping up with increasingly dense systems and architectures.

5G Announcements Pick Up Steam as Ecosystems Battle, Standards Work Continues

04 Sep, 2017

The move toward 5G networks is moving forward on a consistent basis. Several announcements were recently made.

ioFABRIC Applies AI to Minimize Data Storage Costs

01 Sep, 2017

ioFABRIC has updated a data fabric spanning platforms to include artificial intelligence technologies that automatically identify the lowest cost storage option available.

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