Google Leases NASA Land to Expand

Susan Hall

In another sign of Google's monstrous growth, it has signed a 40-year agreement to lease 42.2 acres of unimproved land at the NASA Ames Research Center adjacent to the Googleplex to expand.


It will add up to 1.2 million square feet of space to its 2 million-square-foot campus, reports InformationWeek. Annual lease payments will be $3.66 million.


Google has been cozy with NASA since 2005, when the two companies signed a memorandum of understanding about future collaboration. Google also pays NASA $1.3 million a year to land its executives' two Boeing 767s and at least two Gulfstream Vs on its airstrip.


Among its many amenities offered to employees -- dining, sports, fitness, child care, conference and parking facilities -- this project also calls for some employee housing, reports The New York Times. The company calls it just another way to attract the best and brightest, but it sounds just like the company towns of old.

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Jun 5, 2008 1:43 AM lance lance  says:
I'd like my government representatives to explain why Google gets some sweetheart deal like this, on an ongoing basis, while at the same time they refuse to honor their own ToS, a Senator's request, and the complaints of many, many citizens about their hosting of terrorist recruitment propaganda displaying US bodies and jihadi carnage. Google is an anti-US company that hypocritically censors for the Chinese but claims free speech allows it to post anti_US hate. Google should be tried for sedition in a US court for being in violation of Executive Orders prohibiting US corporations from supporting defined terrorist organizations. Search google for "youtube terrorist support" for more information. Want to see some graphic beheadins (if you can stomach such vile stuff) then go to youtube and you can easily see them. Google refuses to remove these videos, this is well documented. Reply

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