Google Close to Acquiring Digg

Ainsley Jones

This TechCrunch piece reports that Google and Digg have signed a letter of intent and are close to a deal that would see Digg acquired by the search giant for around $200 million.


According to, it could be a number of weeks before the deal closes, if there is a deal at all. Both companies have been quiet about the deal. When rumors of such a deal surfaced last March, Digg CEO Jay Adelson took it upon himself to post a blog to deny the rumors.


This profy post says the imminent deal isn't so much about Google's fascination with everything social, but rather a way to annoy Microsoft. Digg's three-year advertising deal with Redmond would be terminated upon completing of a Google buyout.


Mashable says it would be unintelligent for Google to bother with Digg and that its best move would to leave it as is. The Inquisitr disagrees, saying keeping the popular social voting destination as is would be a mistake. The post goes on to say Google's most successful acquisitions have involved merging the acquired company into Google products.


Time will, of course, tell. If there is a deal at all.

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