Fired IT Workers File H-1B Lawsuit

Kara Reeder

Computerworld reports that 18 IT workers in California have filed a lawsuit against Molina Healthcare Inc., claiming they were replaced by H-1B workers from India. The suit contends that they were laid off, which violates the state's anti-discrimination laws. Also named in the suit are Molina's CIO at the time and Molina's outsourcer, Cognizant Technology Solutions.


The lawsuit lists a number of complaints, including the claims that non-Indian workers were kept from participating in critical decision-making processes and that the IT management team only hired and promoted Indian nationals. James Otto, an attorney for the 18 former Molina IT employees, says:

They just wanted to fire the Americans, and that's what happened. It wasn't a downsizing, it wasn't an outsourcing, it was bringing in foreigners onto American soil to replace American workers. That [was] the scheme and it's going on around the country.

Molina's response is that the action is

nothing more than a shakedown lawsuit brought by a plaintiff's attorney who -- when the company refused his ridiculous financial demands -- filed a legal action grounded in falsehoods and malicious gossip.

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Jul 18, 2011 11:49 AM SVEngineer SVEngineer  says:

Bravo to these new 18 American heroes.    They are following the steps of Rosa Parks who refused to be discriminated right here in America.


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