Apple, Others License Visual Voice Mail

Susan Hall

Klausner Technology has licensed its visual voice mail technology to Apple, AT&T and eBay's Skype, settling patent lawsuits against them, reports Reuters. Terms of the settlements were not disclosed.


The technology presents voice mail as a list, allowing users to decide which ones to listen to, explains AppleInsider.


Klausner also said it is in discussions with Comcast and Cablevision about licensing the technology.


The company previous successfully defended its patents, then licensed them to AOL, Sprint Nextel and Vonage.

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Jun 18, 2008 3:10 AM Jon Jon  says:
These broad but vague valueless software patents do nothing but weaken the US tech market. That is why other countries are now taking the lead. A large bulk of the revenues from our research and innovation ends up going into the pockets of crafty lawyers, patent trolls who do nothing to contribute to society or technology. They only feed off of it. Reply

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