Rogue Anti-virus App Targets Mac Users

Kara Reeder

Security firm Intego has discovered a fake anti-virus program for Mac OS X that goes by the name "MAC Defender," reports Ars Technica.


Using SEO poisoning, scammers were able to push the software to the top of search results in Google and other search engines. If a user clicks on the links that show up in search results, a fake Windows screen pops up that tells the user a virus has been "detected." quotes Intego researchers as saying:

This application is very well designed, and looks professional ... There are a number of different screens, and the grammar and spelling are correct, the buttons are attractive, and the overall look and feel of the program give it a professional look. It will occasionally display alerts, telling users that viruses are found. notes that the threat from the malware is low. However, although the virus doesn't install anything to run in the background, it does try to trick users into buying the application via credit card.


Criminals seem to be starting to target Mac users. As we reported this week, Danish IT security vendor CSIS Security Group has discovered what it claims to be the first crimeware kit aimed at the Mac OS X platform.

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Jul 19, 2011 7:08 AM Stefan Dzimidko Stefan Dzimidko  says:

This is not a problem in most of cases with OSX itself or even Apple (as many people can say), but with people themselves and third part applications. As you know OSX is build with on BSD (most secure system), but also (by default) all ingeration into the system should be done with admin password. People most of the time don't read this information. On the second way there is also problem with holes in Firefox, Adobe products which Apple doesn't monitor.

So in my opinion words like 35 viruses/trojans 10000 viruses/trojans are useless, because it's always problem with other applications and users.

Read my blog > Mac and Viruses


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