Conficker Activity Continues

Kara Reeder

Conficker seems to have slowly started activity. According to Symantec researchers, the worm's authors have started installing a second virus, called Waledac, onto some infected computers, reports redOrbit. Waldec turns the PC into a botnet that sends out spam. In addition, notes, a third virus carried by Conficker prompts infected PC owners to buy a bogus antivirus program called Spyware Protect 2009 for $49.95. If users take the bait, their credit card information is stolen.


Originally, it was thought that Conficker would become active on April Fool's Day, but the media hype proved to be just that. A few days later, there appeared to be some activity as the worm began contacting infected computers via a binary file over peer-to-peer.


Vincent Weafer, a vice president with Symantec Security Response, warns that infection from Conficker will be "long-term, slowly changing," which means the economic impact could be very high. In fact, according to ZDNet, the Cyber Secure Institute believes that the economic loss due to the Conficker worm could be as high as $9.1 billion.

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Apr 27, 2009 5:21 AM Matthew L. Kaskavitch Matthew L. Kaskavitch  says:

The impacts of Conficker will continue for some time.  Conficker is hands down the most complex and thoughtfully designed worm in the history of the Internet.  It is going to be extremely tough to stop it.  I am hoping the author of Conficker slips up or makes a mistake, letting the white hats gain and upper hand.  However, that seems unlikely. 

I found it interesting though that many blame Russia and China while the UK is being exempt from the attacks by Conficker.  Filtering UK ip addresses would leave me to believe the authors live in the UK.  But is that just a smoke screen?  Can't say for sure because of their 128-bit encrypted digital signatures on the packets.

While I don't agree with the motive, Conficker is an impressive piece of technology far from any script kiddie. 


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