Love and iPhone Syndrome

Ainsley Jones

According to Mobile Today, a report has surfaced that claims some hard-core iPhone fans are linked to Stockholm Syndrome. Danish consultants Strand Consult have dubbed it iPhone Syndrome, where fans are oblivious to the device's faults.


The report, "How Will Psychologists Describe the iPhone Syndrome in the Future?" states:

Simply put, Apple has launched a beautiful phone with a fantastic user interface, which has had a number of technological shortcomings that many iPhone users have accepted and defended, despite those shortcomings resulting in limitations in iPhone users' daily lives.

Strand examined 20 common arguments that hard-core iPhone fans used to defend and explain the device's shortcomings. The report has already prompted several e-mails from outraged iPhone owners.


Maybe iPhone owners are victims rather than shallow, self-absorbed jerks, as a Retreveo study previously claimed.

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Apr 15, 2011 12:03 PM Stevenson Stevenson  says:

iPhone syndrome is a variety of tech-syndrom. As you know people have become dependant on the technology, there are geeks who can't sleep withput the latest version of iPad. Modern mobile development is so advance that can substitute lots of gadgets, and that's one of the reason of iphone obsession.


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