Sales Software Goes Social

Susan Hall

Of course everything has to have a catchy name, so Oracle is calling it social-networking software for salespeople "social CRM," reports InformationWeek.


Its Sales Prospector looks at internal systems and public information to recommend products to the salesperson to cross-sell and upsell based on a customer's buying history, according to


Users contribute data from their sales transactions, which improves the database over time to create a sort of "mutual back-scratching society," reports Network World, which concedes that competitive salespeople probably won't give away the farm. The tool is expected to ship by August.


The second version of Sales Prospector will add integrations with Oracle's Siebel offerings and

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Jun 24, 2008 4:43 AM Social Networking Software Social Networking Software  says:
Hi,Although a very weak attempt to create a corporate social networking software I am glad to see Oracle making attempt...sounds like a Linkedin with a "CRM" title.Jeff Reply

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