Dyn Inc. Finds Affirmation in Google Public DNS

Ainsley Jones

Dynamic Network Services Inc. (Dyn Inc.), a New Hampshire-based DNS service provider, has found affirmation in the launch of the Google Public DNS. A press release from Dyn Inc. says the Google Public DNS validates more than 10 years of similar technology the company has built upon the Internet's Domain Name System (DNS).


In introducing what the Google Public DNS is and isn't, Google notes Dyn Inc.'s DynDNS as a third-party DNS application service provider. DynDNS is targeted toward the consumer market, but the company's Dynect Platform is catered for businesses looking to outsource their authoritative DNS.

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Dec 7, 2009 1:56 AM jose flores jose flores  says:

Is Dyn Inc being paid by Google? This is a totally ridiculous claim for people to use Google DNS. If you are one of this sheep then follow Google suggestion's blindly and do whatever they ask you to do.

The only beneficiary from all this is Google, they will start indexing the DNS queries and keep a tab of people's web site visits & ....

Dec 8, 2009 12:00 PM Maria Sanders Maria Sanders  says:

Yes, their press release is complete foolishness.  They failed to mention that their "own" version of OpenDNS was just released a few months ago and will now fail horribly.  They really missed the boat here.

OpenDNS makes over $65k per day in revenue of their resolving name service and Dynect missed the boat with their own version of the service now that Google will get "instant" recognition and will become an instant leader.

For a company that claims they welcome Google to compete with their new product is just stupid.  It looks like a little kid congratulating the big kid after he got stomped in a race (just to get the sympathy of the mothers).

I guess it is a little embarrassing for a company to get up-staged like this especially when their whole pitch lately is that they are in the mix and aware of current trends.  For a company to be "aware" and with it they should be aware that the Google is developing a competing product to theirs.

But to them make a press release like this..... just looks worse.  Bad PR move by Dynect which until recently has made some good moves to get their name out there.

Dec 11, 2009 9:56 AM Kyle York Kyle York  says:

True, there is a new Dyn Inc. service geared at our DynDNS home audience of over 3 million users, DynDNS Internet Guide, that was rolled out a few months back and is a recursive DNS freebie providing web-filtering, anti-phishing and more. It is similar to OpenDNS and Google Public DNS, but unlike OpenDNS is simply one DNS-based service in a suite of consumer and DNS enterprise offerings. Unlike Google, it's focus is on advanced features to protect a home users Web experience, not just speed it up.

The main focus of Dyn Inc. is authoritative DNS for both enterprises and home/smb customers, Dynect and DynDNS Custom DNS. Google unveiling a DNS service of any kind, recursive or authoritative, is extremely relevant and important, not just to us, but the entire DNS industry. The more awareness created around the importance of outsourcing DNS is paramount. No DNS provider will ever be as large as Google, so "foolishness" would be to pick a fight or taunt them, like others have chose to do. We've decided to embrace it and keep making our services better across the board, authoritative and recursive and customers who appreciate quality will buy in.


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