RIAA Boss Recommends Infringement Filters for PCs

Ainsley Jones

Recording Industry Association of America chief Cary Sherman has recommended finding a way to install filtering software directly onto people's desktops and laptops. A clip of Sherman's comments was posted by Public Knowledge. Sherman doesn't see the idea as an invasive one, and in fact considers it in the same vein as virus scanners.


ZDNet blogger Russell Shaw isn't to keen about having an infringement filter on his home PC. This Ars Technica piece doesn't think Sherman's scheme has much of a chance. The only way the idea would work would be to mandate the filters or have ISPs mandate that users install the filters to get onto the Internet. The article say the consumer backlash wouldn't even be quantifiable.


Perhaps the RIAA is just angling to put more pressure on ISPs. The music industry's legal tactics against consumers are hanging in the balance, and this Wired article suggests that ISPs may be the RIAA's latest target. The International Federation of Phonographic Industries filed claims against Sohu and Baidu, the largest search engines in China, alleging mass copyright infringement. It might not be long before similar claims appear on domestic shores.

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